Strolling through the web I’ve found that there is a UX conference and BarCamp in Zürich. On a Saturday. Even better. I did register right away.

Some days later. Saturday. I never attended a barcamp before and never worked in the field of user experience before beside hearing the complaints of unhappy users. I equipped myself with pen and paper (I learned that in the meantime) I went to the Toni Areal like I do on school days and see what will happen. I got a very friendly welcome, cool crowd to meet and a whole bunch of amazing talks, discussions and experiences. Everyone was eager to connect, share their experience and having on top a joyful Saturday.

As I will do some VR work for the final project of my CAS, I wanted to get as much exposure to the XR stuff there and have chosen the talks mainly based on that.

VISTOM is a Hyperwerk project simulating classical workshops in VR. I love the idea of pricing as you go along and use stuff to construct and bring video conferences to the next level.

In retrospect, the session “2D -> Mixed Reality” was the highlight (here the product we’re talking about). In addition to the classical storyboard, in XR you need to consider the place where something is shown, how you interact with it, how are you displaying your XR object (minimal distance, natural behaviour of the user) and very important, the usage of 3D sound effects to give hints of where someting happens outside your current view.

After a nice lunch on the rooftop I’ve went to two discussion rounds (“UX in traditional companies” and “controversial questions: is UX worth the effort”).

“How AR replaces laptops” had for my taste a bit to far stretched comparisons and values, though the idea of controlling your computer with a ring is quite intriguing (padrone design).

Rounding the day with Scrum and UX before all came together for the closing of the camp and more reflecting and talking about life, UX and everything at Spheres.

Next year’s UX camp is already in the pipeline. Will I be there? Sure I will!