More IoT – not a HowTo. And Robotics.

How do you design for the IoT?

You will need:

  • Artifact – The Thing you want to hook up
  • Sensor – To measure and record action
  • Connectivity – enabler to connect all the artefact and the service
  • Logic – Store, manage and analyse the data. This is the place where value is generated

Literature recommendation: Designing Interactions

Moritz gives us an overview over real life examples, highlighting: Scenario Design and Ideation, which both results in prototyping.

In general, prototyping is a very strong element in all we have seen so far and it helps to drive out dead ends and suboptimal solutions very early.

Having understood that, we look into Noodl and hook up our Shiftr and the connected ShiftrBits there. Noodl allows you a very easy PubSub interface to Shiftr and is awesome for quick GUI prototypes.

Closing off this day we look into robotics and how they have been used in the creative area like art and architecture.