It’s the Final Countdown

Hitting module 5 it is time to narrow the final project. Steve and I want to build a VR platform to present the final works of the CAS Design Technologies. Some discussions, trial and error, quick prototyping and again some discussions also with Florian took place.

What is it exactly we want to do?

Get a 3D portrait scan of every DTEC participant (maybe also Stefano and Florian?) to bring them to a VR world. As everyone needs to prepare a short summary, ideally the pariticipants would read them and this gets recorded. In the VR the user needs to pick up the microphone and “interviews” the 3D Scans to what about their project is. (as an alternative navigation, the microphone could be thrown over to the bust to start the playback). The background can show pictures or the 3D work of the participants. It could look like this, it will change for sure going foward.

What we need for it?

  • A HTC Vive setup for the presentation.
  • Head scans of all participants (we asked today and people liked the idea, at least there was no open resistance) and started to line this up with Florian already.
  • Getting everyone to read their description or find a good text to speach module  for Unity.
  • Beside the discussions with Florian there was no additional mentoring, it could be useful to get some additional ideas and review for example from Lukas or Jonas about how they would do to make interactions simpler/more intuitive/fun.