It smells! There is something sweet in there

You enter the room and get welcomed by a sweet smell, in one place you got stoves with pots of liquid chocolate. Next to is a delta tower busy printing 3D chocolate models. Clemens and Reto are smiling when they see our faces.

CAD – Chocolate Aided Design

This title is more than correct for the whole module. We dive into the material (yes, snacking allowed 🙂 ) and experience the different material properties, how long it takes chocolate to cool down, how it behaves in melted and hardend form.

To get us more insights in the whole value chain of gaining material, we have Franziska Akert to show us the bean to bar approach in chocolate production, the influence and effect of different production steps.

And this is different but not less complicated than the way from oil to plastic or ore to metal.

To get ready for ourselves on the 3D experience we look into various 3D printing methods and surprisingly a lot relates to the findings we had made ourselved in the chocolate exploration.  3D modeling software closes the day.