…and the first full chapter opens

After the teasing last week (read back in this blog here if you’ve missed it), we are opening the first real chapter in the course. Mobile Technologies, UX Design and Social Media. Sounds pretty dry? Is a lot of fun if done right!

Speed Dating

The day starts again not the same. We go for Speed Dating. Getting to meet again the folks in the course and having your creative moment with them. If you’ve ever wondered whether you’ll find a new approach to payments in mobile apps, you’re in the right place here.

(add picture speed dating)

The Frankenapp

Guiding through a mobile app. Easy. All of us have done it. Can you build an easy to use one? Of course, your hybris might say, I’ve seen gazillions of those! Not so fast my friend.

In groups we start building our apps. Buuuut, you only see one screen back and no questions allowed. Either clear or up to you. Interprete something in and get the discussions going later on.

(add pic of the franken app)

Wire it up

Now it is time to pick an app and wireframe it. is it difficult? Yes and No! You suddenly see all the shortfalls of what you’ve thought of an imagined. A fat marker to draw on an iPhoneX screen helps to simulate the fat fingers. And the cute laser cut models not only are very flashy but also smell very nice…