3D Modeling and Printing

The following 2 days are hands on with the printer and 3D things. Of course, mathémarticenne needed to play with something from the math area. Solomons Seal Knot from the Mathematica library seemed quite a good idea: round, compact, not too high – click in the model to rotate it.

Hmm, overhangs, Cura tells me. Supporting structures are needed for it and Cura does calculate them for you with one mouse click. Here we go. Print 30mins. Done. Just break them off….. 2hours with the swiss army later they are gone. So it has to go without I am convinced and retry. And it does.

Unfortunately the lasercutter room was closed so we couldn’t build the Slicer model, nevertheless it was worth molding it with silicone and fill it with chocolate.

The chocolate printer does very well again and you clearly see the structures of the knot. Math never tasted better so far but it is a long way to get them onto a chocolatiers shelf.

(Pictures to follow)